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Answers for an Understanding. By Asteromed e.V. May 29, 2001.  Questions in a project on Shintoism at the University of Saint Thomas (Saint Paul, Minnesota) to get the general idea. The answers helped a great deal in the understanding of Shinto.

Cheap Suspension. Subtitle: Circumventing the Information-Theoretic Death. 6 January 2009 by robomoon or Robo Moon (nicknames) in Germany. Version 5, updated on Sep 22, 2009. Collection of a main report and two special reports. The main report: Without Cryonics. The 1st special report: Chemo Suspension Problems. The 2nd special report: Cheap DNA. while older parts of this text might be at and

Vertical Growth. Subtitle: Can our population grow in the sky? Version 0.5. 2008, by Robomoon in Germany. Description: Report about overpopulation and blimps. while contains links to related files of version 0.53. contains version 0.57, 2009.


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